Cheese Puffs

Think cheese-it meets goldfish meets homemade flavor explosion! Just a few simple ingredients you can find locally. I promise you can’t eat just one…handful…Here it is, our cheese puffs recipe. Delicious snack for kids and grown- ups without all the additives.
You won’t believe how easy this is:
Mix 1 c flour, 3.5 T butter, and 5 oz grated cheese, until the mixture is a fine crumb. Add just enough cold water to form into a ball, and chill. Then just roll, cut, and cook at 400 F until golden. So easy! And you can use any hard cheese you like, so have fun experimenting with flavors.

cheese puffs
I really wish I could do justice in a photograph to the layers of crumbly puff you get in these crackers. I guess you will just have to try them yourself!


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