About Us

Welcome to our blog and shop! Wensleydale Cottage Family Farm is the work of Bryn and Thomas Carr and their children Stuart, Henry and Toby, and the pigs, turkeys, ducks, chickens, cows and vegetables that live here too!


Wensleydale Cottage Family Farm is the culmination of our experiences and passions. In August of 2012 we found ourselves blessed with a unique opportunity to move to a quiet little cottage on 9 acres of idyllic countryside, and since then we have been building our dream of a community-oriented, seasonally-minded, family-strengthening life. Since then we have moved to a 22 acre paradise where we produce our own meat, eggs, fruits and veggies, and maple syrup. We also partner with other local businesses to bring you the best of Cortland County products at our on-site farm shop.

If you’d like to try some of the delicious food and other healthy products we make, visit our shop. You can also sign up for our unique pay-it-forward CSA there too! And for a glimpse of daily life on the farm, as well as some of our favorite recipes, follow us on Facebook and catch our blog.

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