Family Time

One of my favorite things to do here is spend time outside as a family. The beautiful summer days and cool summer evenings we’ve had recently are perfect for casual family time.



Toby has a real talent for picking up chickens. He kneels down gently next to them and gives them a hug while they are on the ground, then picks them up like this:






Today we had a lovely little boy over and Toby got a chicken to try and show him they were nice animals:




He wasn’t convinced. 24 chickens can be overwhelming the first time you meet them! (Especially when you are only a couple feet tall.)

Stuart loved having another little brother for the afternoon. He has such a nurturing spirit.


Our spring chicks are really growing into themselves now. I think they are so beautiful!



0804141727c 0804141727a


A few have even started laying. I had forgotten how cute the little tiny eggs are when they first start. (Shown here with a regular egg for comparison.) The boys love finding these tiny treasures in the hen house.






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